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March 9, 2011

Removing Share from Offline Folders (WXP/W2000)

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Please ensure that you have backed up your computer prior to starting. This is an article requiring ADVANCED computer knowledge. Please get your IT support person to do this, if you are not sure of the implications of performing the steps in this article! 

UPDATE: Please check this link to resolve issues with out of sync offline files.

  1. Start Windows Explorer, select Tools | Options
  2. Select Folder Options, uncheck Enable Offline Files
  3. Reboot your computer.
  4. Start Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Windows (XP) or C:\WinNT (Win2000).
  5. Delete the hidden folder CSC (rename if you want to be suitably paranoid, but I am not sure if this can be used to recover from/to – ensure that you have everything suitably backed up and synchronised BEFORE STARTING.
  6. Reboot your computer.
  7. Re-enable offline files

This will remove all cached data that you have, in your offline files. If your data has not been synchronised, YOU WILL LOSE DATA. Solutions Through IT Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for any data loss experienced by following this article, or by not following this article correctly.
Back your data up.
Have multiple copies.
Did I mention to protect your data with backups yet?


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