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March 22, 2017

“Demoticating” Outlook aka Stopping Outlook from changing text to Emoticons

Filed under: Outlook, Outlook 2016, Rants — solutionsthroughit @ 12:34

Sick of Outlook changing your 🙂 into Smile?  Want to stop the smiley faces from looking like you’re on a chat program instead of Outlook?

Whilst a smiley in an email isn’t as professional, swapping out text for image is less professional IMO, so I’d like to stop doing it!

The procedure to do this is (sort of) simple.  Hover your mouse over your recently Frankensteined smiley image.  See that blue line?  Hover over that.

You’ll now get a drop down menu image.  Click on that.

Now, you’ll have to select  Stop Automatically Correcting image and it will stop correcting for that particular smiley type.  You’ll have to rinse and repeat for all the permutations of the smileys that you use.


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