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April 21, 2016

Android–After a month

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I wrote about my initial review of Android, and it would seem that the update process isn’t always a good one.  There are a number of pages that suggest a hard reset will increase performance.  After ensuring that I had my phone set to backup, I bit the bullet and performed a hard reset.

Simple enough process, and moderately quick.  Went through the setup and restore process, which also seemed quick and simple.  Only one issue – the backup function is effectively USELESS.  No text messages.  No MMS.  No app-specific data.  Nada.  You basically get a list of the apps you’d previously had, and the wireless networks.  Nothing else is restored.  Bluetooth device?  Nope, you’ve got to re-pair them.  Texts? Hope you saved all the information that you still wanted in your texts (I didn’t!).

The phone is now chewing through battery, and routinely won’t make it 10+ hours without requiring a period of time on charge.  Not necessarily a bad thing, from a timing perspective – 5-15 minutes gives it a good chunk of charge, but still a pain for a modern device.

Microsoft really need to extract a digit and get the Lumia platform rolling.  Hell – do what they did years ago with Visual Basic.  Make a development engine so easy to use, everyone can and will use it  Yes, we’ll have 30,000,000 calculator apps.  And “browsers” that just use an IE window.  We’ll have people developing spaghetti code nightmares that should not exist, but we’ll suddenly have heaps of developers wanting to develop good apps to monetise them.  And suddenly, they’ll have market share.  The Lumia hardware is absolutely the smoothest and most consistent I’ve experienced (and I’ve used all the OS variants).


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