Solutions Through IT


This blog is thoughts, brain dumps, observations and other tidbits relating to the contents of my head.

In NO WAY do these thoughts officially represent Solutions Through IT Pty Ltd, but may have related material on them.

Any advice (implied or suggested) given regarding changing, deleting or otherwise modifying your computer system(s) is not guaranteed to be safe for your computer systems.  ALWAYS ensure that you have a valid and tested backups and backup procedure in place, that you are capable of understanding and performing the technical modifications.  You must validate any technical or instruction from an official source, this blog is not an official source for most of it’s post content.  In short, before attempting any resolution from this blog it would be good practice to:

  • Ensure the computer system that you are working on has a known and validated backup, that you are able to restore over the top, should anything go wrong.  (If you break it, you need to be able to fix it)
  • Ensure that the computer system (and any linked systems) will not cause issue if the above backup has to be restored.  (If you break it and have to fix it, make sure you’re not going to annoy people or waste time whilst fixing it).
  • Ensure that you are technically capable of performing the task.  (Even though these posts may make the task appear quick and simple, they may have great consequences, and even greater consequences if done incorrectly.  This blog is a ‘brain dump’ for a technical person, for technical use – if you are not technical, be VERY cautious)
  • Ensure that regardless of what happens, it is your fault or responsibility if it works or does not work at the end of following information posted in this blog.  (In NO way is it my fault if you blow up your computer, your works computer, your office network or the death star)

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