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March 10, 2016

Review of Moving to Android from Windows Mobile

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With three weeks of android under my belt, with almost an entire week on my own Nexus 5X (I borrowed an older Nexus 5 for a trial run) I’m somewhat happy.  I’ve finally got the business information that has been so important to me – full access to call history – along with some rudimentary automation to replicate some of the functionality of my old Lumia 920.  I’d been called a fanboi for the Lumia before, and I wouldn’t argue to strongly with that.

Now that the shine and appeal of the new technology and restrictions of apps has been started to fade, I thought that it would be a good time to pause for some reflection, and bang out a Pros and Cons list.


  • APPS!  Gone from about three apps on the Microsoft store to EVERY APP.  Seventeen million versions of every APP!
  • Some of the apps are actually good.  The two noteable below
    • Banking App does paywave.  You’ve got no idea the number of people that are amazed, baffled and amused by the fact that I’m paying for purchases by waving a phone at their EFTPOS machine.
    • IFFT automates things.  I’m using this to generate a log of call history to a spreadsheet on my google drive, complete with caller information from the contacts in my device, duration, call direction and a date/timestamp.
  • OK Google – largely better than Cortana, which is better than Siri IMO
  • Better device integration – significantly faster Bluetooth connections, caller ID on FitBit
  • Better version of Office suite (Outlook/Word/Excel) than on a native windows device.  This one still blows me away.  Microsoft have their own platform, and even THEY don’t release their own apps on it.  This still confuses me.


  • Live tiles.  So much information lost.  I can’t even get an unread message count on text messages or number of missed calls.  I can’t glance (pun intended for those in the know, if not – Microsoft has a feature called glance).  Really miss the lack of active information!  By far, the biggest negative.
  • No standard method for doing things.  One app might have a hamburger menu in the top right corner, another in the left.  Another might have the “More Options” ellipsis happening.  Whilst there are discrepancies on the WM platform, they’re usually the exception, not the rule.
  • APPS!  There are so many apps, that it’s difficult to find a good one.  Most of the time it relies on people telling you about good apps, or them just assuming that you know about them (2-4 people though I’d figure out that the stock android camera app was rubbish – I didn’t until I complained about it).  At this stage, I’m going on the theory that if it doesn’t have at least 4.4/4.5 rating in the play store, it’s probably not good – too early to tell yet!

In Summary

Would I switch still?  Yes, but I’d consider Apple a little longer (but doubt I’d switch) purely for the fact that I can have a little number showing me the number of calls/texts/emails that I need to deal with.  Android users just must have more spare time to constantly check their devices than I’m used to! 😉

(Would love to have any feedback with tips and tricks for squeezing more out of an android device – leave a comment below!)


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