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January 10, 2013

Roboform–Password Manager Review

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Checking out Roboform as a password management tool.  I’m willing to admit, that up until now, I’ve been pretty blaze about my passwords, but it’s getting to a stage where you just can’t ignore the fact.  Sites are getting hacked on a regular basis, and if you don’t follow good password policies, it’s likely a question of time before you’re affected by this.  These are my initial findings, for a few hours of use with the application.  I’ll be linking it to multiple computers, using the Skydrive service.

Why do I want a password manager?

If you use the internet (if you’re reading this, you do) then you’ll need passwords.  Most people don’t manage passwords properly, and are at risk of having all their passwords (normally the same password for all sites) being stolen at the same time.  Imagine if your facebook password got stolen.  Is your banking / email / twitter / etc. accounts safe, or did they just figure out your password for all of them?  Having a password manager lets you use a strong random password that you can put into RoboForm and not need to remember it again!


Straight up, it’s a nice, polished product.  It will launch & populate passwords and usernames, and so far, it looks good.  It synchronises well across SkyDrive, so I’m happy with this.  My password files are located on MY computer (technically, Microsoft’s SkyDrive service) and I control access.


No inbuilt password generator.  When you’re setting up new passwords, so that you can stick them into Roboform, I’d like a button to generate a password at my preferred security combinations, and maybe even stuff the clipboard with it (push the button, right click & paste to the password form).  Can’t customise the application you launch the shortcut with (i.e. I’d want to launch banking in an IE window, but everything else in Chrome or Firefox), but you can use the toolbar for the specific application.

Biggest issue with RoboForm (at least the Free/PC only version) is that it is ONLY available on your computer.  If you’re out and need a password for a site, you’re going to have to remember it (hah!) or reset it.  Alternatively, I could log onto my skydrive, and get the database, but will need to have RoboForm and a PC with me.


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