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September 20, 2012

QNAP Issue–Disk Full + Admin Rights = Disabled NAS

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Please be aware of an issue with the QNAP NAS devices, if you are using an admin account on the NAS, you can fill the disk, and make the NAS non-functional.  QNAP have included approximately 500Mb of “slack” space that will prevent the lockup from happening, but this space will be used if an admin account requests the space.

To prevent this, ensure that admin accounts are used for administration ONLY.  File writes should be restricted to ONLY non-administrator roles.

To check which accounts have admin rights, navigate to Access Right Management, and then Edit Group Users.  Ensure that only non-file writing accounts have a check in this box.  I didn’t know about this issue, and my NAS was down for approximately two days, (technically longer, but I wasn’t available).  Also note, that when the NAS was in this state, QNAP would NOT guarantee that I could recover my data, despite the fact that they were able to resolve the issue.  My fault, was that I was using the slnitadmin account to write backup files, and not the Active Directory account that had writes to the backup folder.  If I had have done this, I would not have had this problem!

If you do find yourself stuck in this mess, do not panic, simply contact QNAP.  I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been in this boat, and how things were handled.  So far, I’ve only heard good things about the QNAP support team, and I’m definitely echoing that – Thanks Roy!




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