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May 16, 2012

3D Movies are Rubbish.

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This Gizmodo article states that “Someone in Hollywood Finally Gets That 3D Movies Are Rubbish”.  Essentially, he’s saying that going to the movies to focus on something smaller than the screen (in your face if you will) detracts from the viewing experience.  It’s no longer “larger than life”.  I disagree with this. 

3D sucks for another reason.

My biggest issue with 3D, is that it doesn’t “feel” right.  My head is constantly telling me that something is wrong, because every object is in focus, at all times, or an object that I may want to focus on, is not focusable.  We see ONLY see in focus what the director wants us to see in focus.  We can’t see some objects, because this director person decided we didn’t need to focus on them.  This means that if I am looking at two objects, with different “viewing” distances, I can see that they are both in focus, when my head is telling me I shouldn’t be able to do that, if they were really distant.  Same goes for if  I want to focus on an object that is out of focus (unimportant or blurred out for a reason), my head also alerts to a problem where focus no longer functions.

The reason that Avatar and Tron were so “good” is that there was little “in your face” 3D – it was utilised to give additional depth to the movies, rather than throwing something off the screen purely for the “ooooh” factor, that they’ve used 3D.  The “depth” or background CAN be all at the one level of focus, because it’s supporting the foreground action.  Alternatively, if the background distance shot is the primary focus, because it is so “far” it is always all in focus anyway.

Then there’s this cracked article that is nicely summarised with “But most movies rely on suspension of disbelief, expecting you to feel for a couple of hours like the world on that screen is real, and the people in it matter, and giant body parts coming at you just ruins that (unless you’re watching porn). The majority of the time, you don’t want 3D to come into your world.  You want it to pull you into their world.

It’s really not that much of a new technology, I guess it’s just more affordable now.  We’re going to get the “star wipe” over-use directors, who have to show us that shiny object right up in our faces.  I guess we’ve just got to show them that their 3D movie is rubbish, by going and seeing the 2D one instead.  Hopefully the people funding the movies understand this better than the directors, and cut funding for 3D when required!


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