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May 9, 2012

Default Group Policy Objects for SBS 2011

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A member of a tech group asked to know what the contents and use for each of the group policy objects in SBS 2011 were.  I wanted to better acquaint myself with them, so I decided to have a look.  Here they are, in Link Order.


SharePoint Psconfig Notification Policy

This GP exists only to remind you that you need to run to run psconfig after installing SharePoint patches.


Windows SBS User Policy

This GP setups up User IE customisations, setting the Homepage URL to http://companyweb, adding Check Email, Remote Web Workplace and Companyweb to IE’s favourites.  It will also prevent running of First Run Customize, configure the phishing filter and will add the RWW site to the intranet zone.


Windows SBS CSE Policy

From hereThis is a preconfigured Windows Small Business Server policy that is applied to authenticated users who run Startup Scripts and install client agents on domain-joined client computers. This policy is linked to the Windows SBS Client WMI filter, which queries for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003.”  It will run the sbslogon.exe and the appropriate clientagent, in the sysvol\clientagent folder on the server.

More information required on this GP. – if you know more detail regarding what this GP does, and how the clientagent software functions, please drop me a line!


Default Domain Policy

This sets password policies and sets up domain trusts, including certificate authority (SBS).


Update Services

These are fairly self explanatory.  Common Settings policy applies WSUS settings that are shared between SBS Computers and SBS Servers.  The others respectively apply unique settings to either the SBS Computers or SBS Servers.


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