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April 29, 2012

Samsung TV talking to DNLA streaming service (aka SERViiO is a lot better than TVersity!)

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My last post described the effort that I had to put in, to get TVersity to talk to my TV, and still not function for mkv content (when converting the kids DVD’s, they look MUCH better now that we’ve got a larger screen).  So, I gave SERViiO a go.  The instructions went something like this:

  1. Install Java
  2. Install SERViiO
  3. Configure media location
  4. ????
  5. Profit (by watching your media

Turns out that even though I installed it, I apparently installed the wrong java, so the application did it for me (after asking).  It installed.  I ran the application.  Told it to go look “over there” (UNC path).  It said sure.  I was watching media in about 5 minutes.  Actually there was ONE step that I had to do in addition to specifying where the media library was – I had to tell SERViiO what device the TV was.  From a drop down box.  Without having to change any settings, or spend four hours researching the problem and cobbling together my own hack.

For some strange reason, I’m not going to post about TVersity for the next while, because I don’t want the bother of using it again!


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  1. […] free to disregard this article – check here for a much better alternative to TVersity – SERViiO.  Better features, easier to configure […]

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