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April 16, 2012

Force Dell BIOS Updates

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I had to try to do a BIOS update today, using the windows recovery media (because I didn’t have and was too lazy to create/find/download) a bootable alternative.  Turns out the limited recovery environment doesn’t allow for the battery to be correctly detected, and was getting prompted to check that the battery was installed, and press OK.  Turns out it was, and I was, but it didn’t want to listen.  So the (not very well) kept secret is to run the BIOS update with a /forceit  to force the BIOS update to install. 

I would STRONGLY suggest that you read the updates/status/information/change log of every BIOS in between your current BIOS and the BIOS that you want to flash to – I discovered that going to revision A11 (for the E5510) has a pre-requisite of A09 or A10.  I don’t know what the implications of forcing A11 over the top, without having the required A09 or A10 would be.  Because I did read, I discovered the requirement, and didn’t blow the BIOS out of the water :).

UPDATE:  Also, please note that this can SERIOUSLY damage your laptop (to the point where you need to PURCHASE an new motherboard).  Do NOT proceed with this, unless you know what you are doing, and/or are prepared to pay for a new motherboard.  I am NOT (as always) responsible for people following instructions on this blog.


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