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February 14, 2012

Will you please be upstanding …

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I’m now trying out a standing desk.  Supposedly they’re good for posture, good for weight loss, good for exercise and good for not sitting on your behind all day long.

Short term, it’s got the following negative impacts, while I’m at my standing desk:

  • Sore Legs! Smile  I’m a veteran computer geek, and haven’t bothered to look after my body, and am unfit.
  • Sore back, again, when I’m using correct posture, it can cause some discomfort getting things used to the right way again
  • slower computer – I’m using a spare computer, core 2 duo instead of a 2nd generation i7 processor.
  • Fewer monitors – Back down to only two monitors while I get used to this.

I’ve still got my regular computer close by, so that until I get used to the standing desk, so can go back to that when I relent, and listen to my calves and ankles.

More to come!


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  1. […] the implementation of my standing desk I’ve had to setup a second computer (so that I can return to my laptop if I have to sit), so […]

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