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September 21, 2011

Patching an out of the box SBS 2003 R2 Server

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Exceptions: No ISA firewall installed, otherwise everything was pretty much the defaults.  Not doing this for any other reason other than there isn’t much else to do whilst patching 🙂

  • 1st patch batch, single – Reboot required
  • 2nd patch batch, 16 patches, Reboot required
  • 3rd patch batch, 1 patch (so that big patches can be applied!), Reboot required.
  • 4th patch batch, 41 patches, Reboot required
  • 5th patch batch, 2 patches, No Reboot required
  • 6th patch batch, 21 patches, Reboot required.
  • Got stuck, no more patches coming down with the WSUS server.  Had to go to Microsoft Update website to pull down SP2.  Reboot required.
  • Install HyperV Integration services, Reboot required.
  • Office SP3, no reboot required.
  • Sharepoint 2.0 SP3, (declined IE8 update whilst this was installing), no reboot required.
  • .Net Framework 3.5 SP1, reboot required.
  • DLL vulnerability patch, reboot required
  • 54 more patches, reboot required.
  • 62 updates to apply, reboot required
  • 1 lonely patch, no reboot required
  • 1 patch (.NET 4 framework), no reboot required, rebooted to ensure it was the last patch.

Yup, that’s 225 patches/updates/etc that have been applied to SBS 2003 according to my rough calculations.  Not surprising, considering its age, and Windows XP SP3 + Office has well over 130 patches & updates that have to be applied!  And for anyone who lets me know that there are faster ways of doing it – this was done using using an out of the box configuration, without requiring intimate patching knowledge.  SBS is supposed to be ALMOST easy enough for end users to setup :).


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  1. Another 10 patches (mostly .NET security). Sheesh!

    Comment by Anthony Michaud — September 23, 2011 @ 08:43

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