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February 28, 2011

Melbourne water hype?

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Had an moment of clarity, and checked out our water supplies after the rather large torrential rains that have been happening, and was surprised to see that Melbourne’s water storage is still listed as only 54.1% full.


According to the stats, this is based on the 1.8 million litres of capacity (with .9 million litres of water) in the following dams:


One TINY little problem.  We’re currently excluding the water that is sitting in Lake Eildon – whoops – we forgot to include 3.3 Million litres of capacity, with 81.55% capacity FULL (yup, that’s 2.7 million litres of water that Melbourne Water have conveniently forgotten about.  Let’s just add that little statistic into the equation:

Reservoir Capacity Current Volume % Full
Documented 1,812,175 968,262 53.4%
Eildon Dam 3,334,158 2,718,913 81.55%
Total 5,146,333 3,687,175 71.65%

Pardon?  But that can’t be right – we’re in water restrictions, and we’re setting up desalination plants, and the tax payers are paying heavily for these desal plants – because we NEED them.

#1 water question – WHY?


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