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March 12, 2010

Event ID 13552 – NTFRS Issues

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Had to resolve an issue with a SBS 2003 server, that had been hit with some power dips&clips (why can’t it be dips and chips for a change?).

NTFRS jet database was corrupted, so had to be re-initialised.  The following steps were taken to re-initialise/build the database.

1. Open a CMD prompt on the domain controller and stop the NetLogon and Ntfrs services:
    net stop NetLogon
    net stop Ntfrs
2. Type:
    del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\Ntfrs.jdb
    del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\Sys\Edb.chk
    del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\log\edb.log
    del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\log\res1.log
    del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\log\res2.log
3. Type:
    net start NetLogon
    net start Ntfrs
4. Check the FRS event log for expected warning 13514 and 13520.
5. In five minutes, recheck the FRS event log for informational messages 13553, 13554, and 13516.


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