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April 18, 2009

Updating Utilities for On Site Support

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I’m sick of manually refreshing my tools for site work – you know the ones – you go out on site, find a computer that’s horribly infected, and you HAVE to clean it, because its got 4 billion obscure applications that can’t be replaced (they don’t get used, but don’t worry about that!).

I’m working on a system to update and ensure that the latest files are downloaded.  I’ve started with the low hanging fruit – refreshing the SysInternals tools.  Cut and paste the following into a batch file called UpdateTools.bat and save it on the desktop or where ever you deem handy.

It will (currently only) download the latest versions of the SysInternals tools, and put them in a directory called C:\!Tools\SysInternal.

This will be updated as I progress it to be more functional.  I will eventually have a link for the latest MalwareBytes definitions, AVG definitions and anything else “good”.  If you’ve got any suggestions for this, please add them to the comments!

@echo off
IF NOT EXIST C:\!Tools MD C:\!Tools
IF NOT EXIST C:\!Tools\SysInternal MD C:\!Tools\SysInternal

echo Now updating SysInterals Utilities …
XCOPY \\\Files C:\!Tools\SysInternal /D /E /V /I /C /H /Y


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  1. you can concat the xcopy flags: /ichydev;-)

    Comment by Piers — October 2, 2009 @ 01:41

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