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March 24, 2009

WHS – Windows Home Server – We have a winner!

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I’ve setup a WHS server on a spare bit of kit here, and have been VERY pleasantly surprised.  Very clean interface, basic, but functional.  The primary reason for setting it up was to test the back and restore functionality.  The first test, was to simply replace the hard drive in the machine that “died”.  In this case the tardy 5400RPM hard drive “died” and was replaced by a standard 7200RPM hard drive (~60Gb –> ~80Gb).

Whilst the recovery CD didn’t see the nVidia nForce Gigabit network card (yes, the driver was listed) this was for a 64Bit Vista Ultimate migration, so will review that this isn’t a typical issue with this NIC, and that it was actually as a result of 64bit-ness.

So, even in light of the fact that I had to pull a trusty Intel Pro network adaptor out, I was very happy with the results, and will be performing more tests with this product, after putting it on a system with resources better matched to its requirements (I over-spec’ed the box!!)


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