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March 10, 2009

Naming Conventions

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Here’s a good method of naming computers that I saw in a SmallBizIT (Yahoo Group) post today by Chris Rose.

It’s a better system than what I’m currently using, where standards aren’t set across the board.  I’ve a mix of role based (bad) and generic (PCXX / LTXX), as well as PCXXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is the date the machine was built.

Generally, any system is as good as the next, as long as the standard is adhered to across the organisation (good) or across all clients (better).  However, it’s only good or better for YOU, unless the client achieves some benefit from using your standards.


ONA = Organization Name Abbreviation
CT = Computer Type Abbriviation
SRVR = Server
DSK = Desktop
NBK = Notebook or LTP or LPT
TBL = Tablet
PTR = Printer
RTR = Router
SWT = Switch
WAP = Wireless Access Point
WRLS = Wireless Access Point
### = An incremented number for each device

So an example for XYZ Corp with 2 servers, a router, an access point, a switch, 5 notebooks, and 3 desktops would be as follows.


Document this somewhere, with the type of system it is. If its a Dell note the Service Tag # these are on the side and back of the case, or a serial number etc if its an HP. Plus as Thomas noted put a business card holder on the side, or get a portable label maker such as a Dymo and stick the name to the computer. Probably do this on front and back. Or, do both. My thought is if the case gets swapped, changed, or if the user picks the label off or removes the card from the holder you’re hosed.

I’ve seen recommendations that go further than this that also suggest adding in the OS.


XPP = Windows XP Professional
XPHE = Windows XP Home Edition
VB = Vista Business
SBS2K3 = Small Business Server 2003
SBS2K8 = Small Business Server 2008

And I’ve also seen locations:

1F = 1st Floor
2F = 2nd Floor
3F = 3rd Floor

or city/state:

NYCNY = New York City, New York
LACA = Los Angeles, California


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