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December 16, 2008

Gizmo Feedback

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I’ve run into yet another victim ex-customer of Gizmo.  Situation: Bigpond ADSL + PSTN modem + 2x telephone handsets + EFTPOS machine all plugged into one phone line.  Customer started getting issues with ADSL dropout.  After spending 2+ hours on the telephone to Telstra, they decide to send out a Gizmo tech.  "No, your regular IT person can’t come out, they won’t be able to fix the problem like a Gizmo Tech" is the line supplied by the (kickback orientated?) Telstra person.

Tech comes out.  Charges $150 to "fix the problem".  However, "fixing the problem"  involved leaving the customer sites in a complete mess, with ONLY the ADSL working (which in theory, was what they charged to fix!).  Customer was left with at least one device not working, and got themselves into a mess trying to sort it out. 

Enter ‘the regular IT person’.  15 minutes later, all services are restored to functioning, with a simple modification of moving the EFTPOS machine to the fax line.  Solution was achieved with the understanding that one of the multiple devices plugged in was drawing more power from the line than previously, yet was still in ‘normal’ operational parameters, so by removing one device, everything still functioned correctly.

Its about the TOTAL solution, not just the problem at hand, at the cost of creating more problems!


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