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November 14, 2008

James Barrett’s SBS Shutdown Script

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This script was ‘yoinked’ from a post made by James Barrett.

@TITLE Reboot Exchange 2003 on DC script
ECHO º º
ECHO º This script will will stop Exchange Server 2003 when installed º
ECHO º on a Domain Controller. º
ECHO º º
ECHO º º
ECHO º º
REM - While we are waiting for the main Exchange services to stop,
REM - Some peripheral services will be closed in the background.
Echo Stopping GFI Services
start /min net stop gfimeservice /yes
start /min net stop "GFI POP2Exchange" /yes
start /min net stop "GFI List Server" /y
Echo Stopping Secondary Services
start /min net stop "World Wide Web Publishing Service" /y
start /min net stop "FTP Publishing Service" /y
start /min net stop "HTTP SSL" /y
start /min net stop MSExchangeMGMT /yes
start /min net stop RESvc /yes
start /min net stop POP3Svc /yes
start /min net stop IMAP4Svc /yes
start /min net stop NntpSvc /yes
start /min net stop SMTPSVC /yes
start /min net stop "IISAdmin" /y
REM - Stop Exchange main services before shutdown to avoid timing conflicts.
net stop MSExchangeES /yes
net stop MSExchangeIS /yes
net stop MSExchangeMTA /yes
net stop MSExchangeSA /yes
REM - Well, why not stop other services in the background just for fun?
REM - Stopping IISADMIN will stop other dependant services like W3SVC, and HTTPFilter (SSL).
start /min net stop IISADMIN /yes
start /min net stop MSSEARCH /yes
start /min net stop Spooler /yes
REM - Now it's time to reboot or shutdown the server.
shutdown /r /t 10

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